CBD Coffee

My name is Ed Flynn and I have been drinking this CBD 500mg coffee for about 6 months.

The taste is just awesome plus you get some CBD with it.

It has helped me with my sleeping and keeps me more focused than I was before drinking the coffee.

cbd coffee
CBD Coffee for better health

Best Tasting Coffee

Get the best tasting coffee with all of the benefits of high quality CBD at a

fraction of the price of Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds’s coffee.

Is it Safe

Yes. All the hemp crops used for our products are grown free of herbicides, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, so our quality starts with the hemp plants.

cbd coffee
Best tasting CBD coffee for better health

Infused Coffee Beans

The CBD is infused into the beans, making it taste like coffee not like CBD Oil. I get just a

little over 100 cups of coffee per 1lb bag. (16oz)

For more information

On CBD and Testing Laboratory results.

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Ed Flynn

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