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What is Hemp?

Hemp is good for Us?

Yes hemp is good for us and the answer is more complicated than you might think.

“Hemp” is another name for the Cannabis sative plant plant and its products. This same species of plant is also called marijuana.

How are they different if they come from the same plant?

When trying to understand the disparities between the two, it is important to begin with this concept: that ultimately they both come from the same plant, just different parts. To add to the confusion both produce another term called cannabinoid (CBD)

Certified Hemp Seeds for planting         

If you are planning on growing your own hemp, the first step you should consider is buying certified seeds for planting.

Check with “The Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies”. This organization can help the farmer’s buying confidence that he is getting what he is paying for and that the mature plant will have THC levels < 0.3%.

hemp field
Companion planting hemp in the farm field

Companion Plants

Something else to consider is called ” companion plants ” which act as all-natural method to safeguard your valuable hemp plant from unwanted pests and nuisance parasites.

By positioning your companion plants in between your hemp plants can stop the spread of mould as well as other fungi that can destroy your whole harvest. Many of these companion plants can enhance the soil structure by increasing nitrogen into the soil.

These friendly plants likewise increase the biodiversity of the whole field. They’ll draw in pollinator species to your field as well. Here are a few examples; chamomile is a great defender of pests, dill, basil, alfalfa and lavender just to name a few.